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Our task is to pickup your important documnets or packages from one location and deliver it to another specified by you.The speed of this process (Pickup - Delivery) depends on the priority that you select.As show in table below there are four basic services for your selection.To learn more about charges based on the distance/service (including 3rd party calls) please refer to Prices.To find out about our additional services and rates please refer to Additional Services & Rates. To enable us to serve tour courier needs please complete the business registration form and send it to us via fax or electronic submissionm.To find the business registration form refer to Registration.


Packages with this priority will be delivered before 5pm ( provided the order is placed by 11.00 AM)


To be called in before 1 and to be delivered before 5 p.m


To be called in before 3 pm and to be delivered in 2.5 hours